The gallery is currently showing my latest body of work, created for the recent ‘Taking Shape’ exhibition. Calligraphic brushstrokes of human figures set upon more formal geometries of squares, circles and arcs. The simply geometry and colour combinations are like a visual symbolic code that support the timeless figurative themes of ‘aspiration’, ‘protection’, ‘reflection’ and ‘possession’ 

“Alan Lennon’s oil paintings specialise in figurative work with a recurring theme  of a thoughtful,  philosophical mood.  Through a series entitled Essence, Substance and Silence, he has gradually developed a less representative dimension along the lines of Picasso’s manner of fragmentation. These reflect a hidden depth of emotion and spirituality handled through facial expression and subtle gestures”
Vivien Devlin, Arts and Travel Writer 

“Owner Alan Lennon’s paintings here are characteristically sculptural, delighting in rounded forms that recall the satisfying smoothness of sea-worn rocks. Themes of wholeness and completion recur in his work, giving a kind of tactile reality to otherwise nebulous human qualities such as aspiration, protection, reflection, and healing. My favourite of these was ‘Possession’ (below).

In this sequence, I enjoyed the rough brushstrokes of his human figures and their exaggeratedly swollen or foregrounded feet and hands, all set within or upon more formal geometries of squares, circles and arcs. These are arranged with considerable care and structural effectiveness suggestive of an ultimately ordered universe.
Alan McIntosh, Editor, Broughton Spurtle