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Working from my Edinburgh based Art and Design Studio, I’m constantly creating; working between painting, sculpture and traditional photomontage. I encourage my visitors to experience the relaxed atmosphere of the Studio and welcome everyone in to browse, chat and enjoy the art. Here online, you can also browse the painting, sculpture and photomontage galleries and online shop above where prints are available. You can also buy framed prints and cards with framing options in my Etsy Shop. 

 ALL FOOLS II Exhibition

Delighted to be showing new work alongside some fantastic fellow artists at this forthcoming themed exhibition in the Manger Gallery, Derbyshire. You’d be foolish to miss it!


Acrylic on Canvas / 75cm x 60cm / Framed / £495/ Free UK delivery

Browse ‘Transfiguration’ Gallery for more of my semi-abstracted figurative works. Continuing with my more modernist style, I have been recently creating works that have a more abstract geometric style with flat planes of colour and simplified backgrounds. The colour palette has also become more vivid.


Oil on Canvas / 75cm x 60cm / Framed / £595 / Free UK delivery



A gallery of direct stone carving and clay works. Please contact me to request purchase details.


Browse the painting galleries and simply enjoy or contact me to request purchase details.


Unique artwork using traditional cut and paste techniques. Purchase details on request. Prints available in online shop.
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